Social anxiety is such a frustrating mental health issue. It affects many people in different ways. Feeling nervous in social situations is normal. However, if a person is suffering from social anxiety, these feelings intensify and disrupt their everyday lives. They may fear interacting with strangers, like going to a party or a large gathering. Simply talking to other people and making eye contact can be an issue. Just going to work can seem to be the hardest thing in the world. During these episodes, they may start to tremble, sweat, feel sick, get dizzy spells, and their muscles can start to tense up. I have struggled with social anxiety myself. I had a fear of going to social events or going to places like the store alone. Grocery shopping was very hard for me. Tremors would startup, which was embarrassing and made the anxiety even worse. Dizzy spells increased with every step, with that feeling of I could pass out at any moment. I would purposely go out of my way to avoid crowded places. Sometimes even drive 30 to 40 minutes to a grocery store in a smaller town. I knew that the store was never busy, even though we had a grocery store around the corner from where I lived. I did not have social anxiety in my past, but recent traumatic events caused me to develop it. I got help and continue to work on it with therapy and the proper medication. If you suffer from social anxiety, inform your medical physician so you can get the proper treatment. You do not have to suffer. There is hope!



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