I went to the mall, which is big for me. I have bad social anxiety, and it makes it hard for me to go in large public places alone. My body tenses up, my heart races, my hands start to tremble, and dizzy spells intensify with every step. For some reason, today was different. Maybe it was the sun shining and the signs of spring all around that calmed me. I’m not sure, but I’m not complaining. My ankle injury makes life hard, so I am stuck walking with a cane to help me get around. I try to purchase fancy canes to trick my mind into accepting the disability. It doesn’t really work, but it’s better than the medical cane they gave me. As I’m walking If I can find a place to rest, I take advantage of it. I see a small bench a little broken down, but it will due. As I’m sitting, I see a mother and her two kids. The mother seems stressed. She is on the phone and it did not sound like a pleasant conversation. The two children, big sis and little brother. With guessing ages of five and three, they were as calm as could be. If you’re a parent, you know that’s a rare sight to see. The boy dressed in scruffy jeans and a well-played in white t-shirt, with little cute work boots. His sister of course dressed to impress. With her fancy blue ruffled at the bottom pants, and her fancy blue jacket that you might see Mary Poppins wear. Her hair in pigtails, and she was constantly sliding her brother’s hair out his eyes like a mother would do. With not a care in the world, holding hands and waiting patiently for mother to finish her conversation. The boy suddenly drops his sucker, instant distraught. In a little boy’s mind this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. He instantly picks it up and tries to brush off the dirt, with the cutest concerned look on his face. Big sis catches eye of this, just in time to stop him before he puts it back in his mouth. She takes it and shakes her head. She throws it away in the nearby trash can. She then returns and grabs his hand and continues to wait. The little boy is still in shock of what had just happened, and slowly the tears begin to fall. Big sis immediately bends down slides the hair from his eyes, then with each thumb wipes his tears. She gives his hair one more slide and gives him a gentle kiss on the forehead. Now as if the gentle kiss wasn’t already enough to satisfy the boy. She reaches in her pocket and gives the boy a sucker. I am assuming it was her only one. She had that look of, you are lucky I love you. The boy is now back to normal with a big smile on his little face, thanks to big sis who saved the day. Her eye catches his smile which in return gives her joy. I am lucky to get a small wave from the little boy as they walk by, then they were off on their way to finish their shopping spree with mom. I sat and thought of my own situations when I was younger, and big sis being there to save the day. For big sisters that never stops. They will love you unconditionally. They will even, if by your own fault sit and nurse you back to health if you are sick. I am fortunate to have an amazing big sister. If any of you out there have a big sister, give her a call or send her a message. Tell her you love her and I’m sure her heart will melt and be full of joy just like the little girl in this story. keep watch for those little moments of love and kindness. They are easy to find in the innocents of a child.    



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