Good morning you beautiful, unique you!

Let us motivate each other today and stay positive. We all have things happen that turn our lives upside down. What is important is that we recognize what the problem is and pick ourselves back up and move forward. Helping others helps you. Be the support someone needs, be a shoulder to cry on, and listen when no one else will. If we can push each other to do better and pick ourselves up, we can achieve anything. Try not to judge today and instead be open-minded and kind. You might never know the burden someone is holding, and if you do, you may not know how it is affecting that person. We all deal with things differently emotionally and physically. I know that my brain works very differently from others. It can be a blessing and a curse. I can hold on to pain very well, and I can dwell in my pain for a long time. I am so used to being depressed that I don’t know how not to be. I’m not saying that as to be the beginning of a pity party. Don’t get me wrong; I’m good at that as well. I’m just saying that we all have our demons and scars, and the more we hold onto them, the worse it will get.

To let go and move forward can be difficult, but it’s a necessity. I know for me I want to hold on to things because I’m scared if I talk about them or let them go, that I will forget that person or memory. That is false, I know, but that is what my mind tells me. Plus, I don’t think I can function without the pain or sadness, which is ridiculous because I can’t function with it. Someone told me that my life would finally start to change when I decide to let go. I didn’t believe them, but it has been proven many times in many different situations. I know sobriety and working on my mental health have benefited every aspect of my life, and without it, I would not be here today; I can guarantee you that.

The bottle would have killed me, or I would have hanged myself. I still struggle daily with suicidal thoughts. It, at times, is terrifying and overwhelming. But, I’m learning to work on it and learn from it. I catch myself judging others when they are dealing with suicidal issues. I see so many people through the idea and word around like it’s ok to do so because they want attention or want someone to feel sorry for them. I try to stop that nowadays, don’t get me wrong, I look for it, but I try my best not to judge. A cry for help is a cry for help. Either way, that person is hurting in some way and needs help. It is my duty to be there for them and listen and not judge. I never mean to judge anyone, but I am human and make mistakes.

Let us guide each other, help each other and lift each other up. Let us remember we are only human, and we are not perfect and never will be. We can strive for perfection, but we will never obtain it. May you be blessed today, and may you find peace, happiness, love, friendship, a sense of purpose, and yourself. You R not alone, you have a voice, and I will do my best to stay focused and be there when I am needed.



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