I want to talk about suicide for a minute. I have all the topics people have sent me, and I appreciate them, and I’m slowly hitting each one. I have them written down as they come in. I need to talk about this right now because suicide is a very sensitive and important topic thatContinue reading “SUICIDE “

Unpredictable Emotions

The unpredictable timing and odd combinations of emotions that hit you during grief can leave you confused and despairing. “My life was totally flipped upside down emotionally, in every way you could think of,” says Sue, whose husband died. Your emotions not only hit hard, but they can also occur at unexpected moments, which makesContinue reading “Unpredictable Emotions”


I came across this boy sitting on the side of a country road one morning. He could have only been like 12 years old. I thought maybe he was lost or hurt. He was crying, and sitting next to him was an empty bottle of black velvet. I pulled over and got out. I walkedContinue reading “THE INTERVIEW WITH ME”


As I sit here and reflect on my sobriety and I have relapsed yet again. It’s so hard, the guilt, of being around people who are sober and knowing I could at any moment be a part of taking their sobriety away. It feels like, at this point, I have no one to turn to.Continue reading “TEARS IN A BOTTLE”


The quiet girl that used to have everything to say has said her last words today. Shallow girl, hallowed from the inside out, as she runs away just so she doesn’t hurt another soul again today. Her smiles trapped and washed away in the rain; her laughter flooded like puddles, slowly evaporating into thin air,Continue reading “THE GIRL FROM NOWHERE…….”

He Will Carry You

The Lord will carry you if you ask Him. When you are feeling so weak you cannot take another step, ask Him to lift you high into His loving arms. Then rest in Him with an open and listening heart. This does not mean your problems will disappear, but it does mean you will haveContinue reading “He Will Carry You”

 Grief Lasts Longer Than Expected

Grief’s unexpected turns will throw you again and again. You may feel that for every step forward, you take at least one step back. The grieving process generally takes longer than you ever imagined. Please don’t rush this process. Remember, what you are feeling is not only normal; it is necessary. “It’s been seven years,Continue reading ” Grief Lasts Longer Than Expected”

Grief Runs Deep: Where Is the Hope?

Dr. Joseph Stowell says, “Even though your heart is breaking and tears are clouding your eyes and staining your cheeks, God does give us something worth trusting in tough times. And that’s Him, and Him alone.” When your heart is breaking, you can place your hope and trust in the Lord. “Be strong and takeContinue reading “Grief Runs Deep: Where Is the Hope?”

Grief Is a Unique Experience

You may feel it is useless to talk about your grief because no one truly understands what you are going through. “You sometimes feel after an experience like this that you’re talking a foreign language,” says Dora, whose daughter died. “You feel like there’s no way anybody can know what you’re feeling. There is absolutelyContinue reading “Grief Is a Unique Experience”