Dealing with addiction can be incredibly challenging, and knowing where to turn for help can be difficult. It’s essential to remember that addiction is a severe illness and not a reflection of someone’s character or strength. Showing your loved one compassion and support is crucial, but it’s also essential to prioritize your well-being and establishContinue reading “A/D/D/I/C/T/I/O/N”


Post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly referred to as PTSD, is a severe mental health condition that can significantly impact an individual’s brain. This disorder can arise from exposure to or witnessing a traumatic event, such as military combat, physical or sexual assault, or a natural disaster. Those who have PTSD may experience symptoms such as vividContinue reading “PTSD AND ITS EFFECT ON THE BRAIN”

My Dearest Mother

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying this special day dedicated to you. I wanted to take this opportunity to express just how much you mean to me and how grateful I am for all you have done for me throughout my life. You have been my rock, guiding light,Continue reading “My Dearest Mother”

Its OK Not To Be OK

Feeling not okay sometimes is an entirely normal experience that everyone goes through. Life’s challenges can be overwhelming, and it’s crucial to practice self-compassion by allowing yourself to feel your emotions. It’s okay not to have all the answers; when you need help, feel free to ask for it. Remember to prioritize your well-being andContinue reading “Its OK Not To Be OK”

I don’t think I’m enough…

It’s understandable to feel that way sometimes, but it’s important to remember that you are worthy and capable. Don’t be too hard on yourself; try to focus on your strengths and accomplishments. It’s okay to ask for help and support when needed and to prioritize self-care and self-improvement. You are enough, and with time andContinue reading “I don’t think I’m enough…”

   The World According To Mr. Rogers                                          

Competition. It’s a word that makes many of us very edgy, and it’s a situation that we have probably been living with since we were very small. For some people competition is a thrill, a stimulation, a challenge. For others, it’s a source of sadness and anger and apprehension. For still others, it’s a mixtureContinue reading ”   The World According To Mr. Rogers                                          “

Daily Reflections May 8th

All of A.A.’s Twelve Steps ask us to go contrary to our natural desires . . . they all deflate our egos. When it comes to ego deflation, few Steps are harder to take than Five. But scarcely any Step is more necessary to longtime sobriety and peace of mind than this one. TWELVE STEPSContinue reading “Daily Reflections May 8th”