Start Taking Care Of You

It can be tough to do everyday things when dealing with mental health. Just getting out of bed can be a struggle. It is essential to set a schedule for your day. Start getting up every day at the same time. Make your bed before doing anything. Making your bed will give you a senseContinue reading “Start Taking Care Of You”

Perceived threat, PTSD and the vagus nerve

The new study, published by researchers at UC San Diego in the journal, Brain Stimulation, has investigated the effect that the nervous system might have on mechanisms of PTSD and trauma in the brain by practicing ‘non-invasive stimulation’ of the vagus nerve in participants who then had a series of brain scans via fMRI. OneContinue reading “Perceived threat, PTSD and the vagus nerve”

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction DrugFacts

Many people don’t understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. They may mistakenly think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop their drug use simply by choosing to. In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentionsContinue reading “Understanding Drug Use and Addiction DrugFacts”

Is Substance Use a Part of “Normal” Teen Behavior?

We immunize. We require seat belts in the car and helmets while biking. We insist on sunscreen. We do just about everything we can to ensure that our kids are healthy, safe, and primed for success. But when it comes to drinking alcohol or even smoking marijuana, why does it seem so easy to shrugContinue reading “Is Substance Use a Part of “Normal” Teen Behavior?”

December 27th FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Without even the tiniest expressions of love, you can’t sustain the larger ones. So, dust off your ‘thank yous’ and appreciate the love in your life that is your life. -Byron Jamal The hardest thing to do sometimes is love from a distance. -Joshua Bridges Perfection is what you’re striving for, but perfection is anContinue reading “December 27th FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

8 Depression Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

To help you recognize depression that warrants concern, whether in yourself or a loved one, here are eight depression symptoms — some of which you might even find surprising — that you shouldn’t ignore. Trouble sleeping Although depression can sap energy and motivation during the day, a person may often lie awake at night, unable toContinue reading “8 Depression Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore”

How relationship anxiety could play havoc with your love life

It’s not easy to commit to something new and this applies to our relationships too. When the magical allure of the initial attraction wears off, and when it’s time to decide whether you want to be with this person or not, a brief period of indecisiveness is quite normal. But for many people, this periodContinue reading “How relationship anxiety could play havoc with your love life”

Court listened to AMA on defining alcoholism as a disease, not a crime

Tanya Albert Henry Contributing News Writer Alcoholism wasn’t always seen as a disease needing treatment, and the American Medical Association’s work was on the forefront of changing how the court system viewed and treated those who cannot control their alcohol consumption. Over the years, the U.S. Supreme Court has looked to AMA policies and an amicus briefContinue reading “Court listened to AMA on defining alcoholism as a disease, not a crime”