The Role of Heredity in Mental Illness

Probably many of us living with mental illness have wondered at some point where the heck it came from. Nature? Nurture? A hodgepodge of both? …

The Role of Heredity in Mental Illness

One thought on “The Role of Heredity in Mental Illness

  1. Intense, yet simple and an informative read.
    For some reason it’s become part of our nature not to speak or explore mental health issues. It is rather sidelined and not a chosen Avenue to embark on change in our own lives and of our communities.
    Saying ‘You are Crazy’ however easily said endearingly and otherwise.
    First time I read that conditions of schizophrenia doesn’t carry offsprings of depression. This is very interesting as different personalities are engaging in one body.

    ♧Our genetic makeup is set at the time of conception, but for the next nine months, everything that happened to our mom happened to us too. That can influence our risk for developing a condition later later on. There are indications that maternal infection in the first trimester increases the risk of the child developing schizophrenia as an adult.♧

    Our moms our moms
    We always return to the womb
    This should be the speaking point considering that it carried unique personalities.

    Thanks for sharing.


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