Do you know how you have that old pair of blue jeans that you wish you could still fit? The ones with the holes in them, with the hard-to-snap buttons and are most likely missing a belt loop. We wish we can fit in them again, but we have to make specific changes to do so. We have to set up a diet plan and exercise. We set up a plan to achieve this goal. We work hard at it, and one day we can fit in them old blue jeans. That’s how recovery is. We know how life can be. We have seen and lived it before, and if we haven’t, we know what it could be. We set up a recovery plan, we set boundaries, and we track our progress. It’s never easy, but it is achievable if we want it. Like them jeans, recovery can sit in a closet for years untouched. Yes, you can have them altered, but it’s never like the real thing. They will never be as comfortable as they were before. So take time to work on yourself and fight each day to get better. You can do it, and in the end, only you can make the changes needed. We sometimes rely on others to change us, or we bandage the situation. It’s really up to you and what you want and what you are willing to change to get there. Set that plan and stick to it. A life of happiness is waiting for you. You can fit in them old blue jeans again it’s up to you if you want to.



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