If you could only see the way I could love you, time would stop. The rivers would overflow, the sun would never stop shining, and tears of happiness would only exist. You could never break my heart because you would have been the one that mended it. In the storms of my insanity, you will comfort me, and I will hold you in your sorrows. Your beauty, of course, can only be described as indescribable as like a butterfly that emerges from its cocoon. The softness of my kiss will send chills through your body, and every touch will be as if for the first time. Your heart will melt from every love letter and poem that is written in your favor. You will be treated as you should be, like a queen. I will shower you with love that will make you feel safe and worship every moment I get to hold you. The sent of our love will follow us every day; people will envy us. There will never be a moment that we do not think of each other. Our days will be motivated by the thoughts of seeing each other again. We will finish each other’s thoughts. The aura that we have will draw others to want to be around us. Our kindness and willingness to help people will make our love shine even more with each soul we help. I sit and wait for you. It’s probably the hardest thing to do in my life. I long for that love, the peace that will come, and the happiness that will finally overcome my life, taking away the sadness that devours my existence. Being soulmates, you will know what broken feels like, and you are just in as much pain as me. One day my love, we will be together. One day the pain will dissipate. One day you will experience my love, and I yours. Till then, know that I am out there and know that true love does exist.



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