I put myself in many triggering situations that most people would find to be very difficult for me. This is true, but I do it intending to save someone else. Plus, I never pass judgment. Just because I stopped drinking doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to. My illness is my illness. I often go and do house calls involving me walking into a place with alcohol or drug use going on. I go to lend that helping hand to listen because everyone else shut the door on them. I understand and feel their pain. Some disagree with my actions, but I take preventive measures. I have an escape plan before I go. If I think I need support with me, I take them. I play the tape though of what could happen and what to do in different scenarios. Also, NO is a complete sentence in my book. I can simply say no to anything with no explanation. If a situation is too dangerous, I can figure out a different root to help solve the problem. Either way, I will find a solution to do what I can to help that person. Yes, you have sketchy people that try to manipulate you because they think they can, but that’s not going to work with me. I have trained myself to read people as best I can and to listen for red flags. I have turned people down, not because I didn’t want to help, but that I saw signs that made me rethink their motives. Not everyone asking for help is really asking for help. They see a compassionate person and see a chance to take advantage of their kindness.

I have friends that drink and use. I will never judge them or preach to them; that is not my job, and it is disrespectful. If they ask for help, of course, I lend that helping hand, and yes, I will be more willing because they are someone close to me. Does being around alcohol and drugs bother me? Of course, it does. Do I fixate on it when I am around it? No. If I feel I cant be somewhere, I go. If I ask them to not do it around me they won’t. Again I can not stop anyone from drinking or using drugs. I can stop myself by saying NO. I may not agree with it, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with many things. For instance, I’m not too fond of the smell and taste of coconuts, so I don’t eat them or buy something that smells like it. Does that mean everyone, including all my friends, has to as well? No. Everyone is their own person and shouldn’t be judged for that and should be loved no matter what. I can disagree with your ways of living, thinking, and doing things, but I’m not going to sit there and tell you all about it; it’s rude and shows I have no respect for you. I will not love you any less for it either. If you know something is or has become an issue and need help; I will help you.

If you have questions on triggering situations or about me and what I do, message me or visit my website ( and go to the contact section. Remember to take care of yourself and be kind to others. A simple smile, a small gesture of kindness, or a please and thank you can go a long way.




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