I got into it with a rehab facility lady from a different city. I’m not going to mention the facility name, but if you don’t like your job and have no compassion for people, you should find a different job. Telling me that the person I’m trying to help is probably too far gone for help, I’m like, excuse me. Least to say, I had some words with her I’m not proud of, but I can’t stand people like that. That’s why I do what I do because I’m not giving up on you, I’m not going to push you to the side, and I will fight for you to get the help you need. With prayer and determination, I found somewhere for this person, but that really got to me. It broke my heart because what If that person called themselves and I didn’t call for them, and she said that. Hey, but one more soul saved, hopefully. If you need help finding a rehab, therapy, support groups, or just need to talk, get ahold of me. Please send me a message or call. God bless all of you out there if you think you are alone, YOU {R} NOT ALONE!! It’s okay not to be okay; ask for help. May you find peace, happiness, and yourself. If you think no one understands, I do; let’s talk.

Ps. You matter, and you’re worth it.



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