Grief places you in a vulnerable position where change is daily and inevitable. Change can be threatening, and it is your nature to resist it. But your greatest opportunity for change can happen during times that are emotionally intense, and the death of a friend or loved one can open you up to new depths of spiritual experience.

Heidi, a widow, says, “People would say to me, ‘Heidi, I just wish I had some of your strength.’ And one of the things that I would say to them was, ‘If you would have gone through the situation in my life like I have, then you would have the strength that I have.’ I’ve experienced a lot of things in my walk with God that have strengthened me. I think because I know who God is, and I know His faithfulness in my life, I was able to say that this is not going to knock me down. This is a hard thing, but I have to trust in God.”

You have the opportunity to experience unparalleled spiritual growth.

“you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13 NASB).

Lord, I want to be a willing student of You and Your Word. Show me how. Amen

-Through a season of grief pg.275-



One thought on “GRIEF-OPEN TO CHANGE

  1. Your writings make so much sense! I’ve fought depression and anxiety for many years. People don’t understand. Life hurts, but years of battles have made me stronger. And God is always with me! Thank you for your honesty!

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