Dating with mental health issues is a struggle for most. I mean, we can go on and on in our heads with reasons why this is so hard. We need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves first before going down this road. If we are not pursuing this from a healthy, happy, and stable foundation, it will crash and burn. We can start fights or have disagreements where there shouldn’t be any. We can inadvertently use this relationship to work through our own issues. So we need time to process the problems we are dealing with first and work on them before jumping into a relationship and continue working on them to reduce any issues that may occur. Also, find out what attracts you to your partner other than looks. Of course, looks are important, but what attracts us to them is more important. They can be the most attractive person we have ever met, but be a complete asshole. So we need to search for specific character traits, Like maybe their way of thinking, the way they carry themselves, their sense of humor, or how they treat others. Plus, how well do both of you connect on different issues and beliefs?

You got to remember that you are very fragile and can get be disappointed very quickly or feel that you are disappointing the other person. It can be terrifying to start dating someone when you have a mental illness because of the fear that they will find out about your condition and judge you for having one. So finding someone caring and understanding is a definite key. Communication is essential. Tell your partner what’s is going on with you and your mental illness. We need to allow them the time required to understand what our illness is so they can educate themselves and be more aware. It’s wise for both of you to start some therapy and then join couples therapy to work through your stuff and talk about it, so you are both on the same page. My last piece of advice is to go slowly and give the relationship time needed to grow. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Make sure you are making relationships with people who deserve it and who will work with you and be there when you need them.



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