For years my soul has been lost, not knowing where to go. I just wanted to find some peace, for someone to know.

The feeling was overwhelming as I hid the pain behind my eyes every day. Waking up to put on this disguise that says I’m okay.

Searching for freedom that has no address, not knowing who I am just fighting to impress.

Little by little, the mask wore away, revealing my soul that had been left in disarray.

The puzzle was tricky, but the pieces fell into place. Until finally, one day, I saw my own face.

I stood there in the mirror with tears streaming down my skin, slowly exposing the face the mask hid.

To see my own beauty, I’ve hidden for so long. I’m ashamed of the places I’ve tried to belong.

My soul has been freed. The chains have been broken. I’ll never be ashamed of the beauty I obtain.

My soul thrives on my accomplishments and reminds me each day, I’m worth it, I matter, and the world sees my true beauty that’s rightfully on display.

By: Crystal Gilroy



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