Brutal honesty is a strength that delivers the compassion needed to help others. If you cannot be honest in your story, you cannot give 100% of yourself when trying to help someone struggling. When I share, I am honest even when what I share may be embarrassing or looked down upon. If I cannot be genuine, then what is the point of everything I do and everything I intend to do. I want to be a voice and say the things that nobody wants to talk about. To stand up for what I believe is right and bring awareness about mental health when society pushes it under a rug. With being honest comes understanding. So many people think that what they are struggling with, no one could understand. I share my real stories of things in my life and the feeling that I feel to let those people know I understand and that there is hope. I know it seems I repeat things over and over. I do because the more I repeat that this is a real problem in this world, the more I hope it will be discussed. The stigma is much stronger than I could of ever imagine when I started this campaign. I just knew that from my experiences that there had to be more people like me. I did not realize how many, and it gave me even more of a drive to go further. If I were to stop, I could never live with myself knowing I gave up on the people who have already been given up on by society. It is genuinely heartbreaking to hear so many stories that people share with me that struggle to live another day hiding behind fake smiles and fake okays. Terrified of what others will see and cast judgment about. I hope you continue sharing your struggles with me, and I hope I can be of help and be an understanding, direct light of hope for you in your darkness. Stay honest with yourself and with others, and may you find peace.



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