Inspiration- the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

My inspiration comes from the people I have met, get to meet and the individuals who help me daily. The true heroes fighting for what’s right, who are not afraid to stand up and say, “this is a problem.” Let it be about mental health or not. It takes true courage and strength to stand up for something you believe in. The stigma that society has on so many issues is heartbreaking. Many issues are pushed to the side and not talked about because they are said to be unimportant. Like with mental health, if you have mental illnesses, you are considered a weak, crazy, immoral person and not worth the time. You are a disgrace to society, and you should know better. It’s your parent’s fault or my personal favorite; why can’t you just STOP? When you read it, it sounds horrible, right? It’s because they are uneducated assumptions. To think that someone chooses to be depressed, have an addiction, become suicidal, or have any mental illnesses is not true. I hope to bring awareness to who I can and be a voice for those still suffering. Sharing your story is a powerful, honest and a commendable act of kindness and appreciation to the ones that helped you. It lets them know you are paying it forward. If you are out there and can share your experience, strength, and hope, please do so. You never know who you may help that feels like no one understands and that they are alone. You can help others who do not suffer to understand what you went through, why, and how you got better and continue to get better. Find what inspires you, who inspires you, stand up for what you believe in, and share it with the world. Help shut down the stigma, help silence the lies, help change the world.



One thought on “INSPIRATION

  1. Mental illness sucks. People do look at you like you’re weak when you have them. I struggle with both depression and psychosis. I can’t work, otherwise I start having intrusive thoughts from my OCD, and then delusions start creeping in.

    Writing is a good way to get that stuff out of your system. It’s good fodder for my work. I think the world is controlled by Satan Kings who have possessed my family and frie. Ands, so I write their merry dealings in my work.

    It’s oppressive. The delusions, those are the worst of it for me. But I channel it into something constructive.

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