It is hard to think that I will ever find the one for me at this point in my life. My heart tells me you’re out there. I patiently waiting for that unforgettable moment that we meet face to face. I picture you, of course beautiful, and with indescribable beauty that only I can see. No one else can see that part of you because God distinctively left that for my eyes only. You are the kindest person anyone could meet. Your heart has been broken, but from the outside, you would never know you have been hurt. You hide the pain well. You have trained yourself to not let that moment your heart was broken, to define you as the person you are today. You take pride in helping others, even if, at the time, it is inconvenient. Your heart’s too pure to walk away. So you give help and guidance to others when it’s needed. You have an old soul. You’re fragile but strong. You are very funny, but you do not seem to think so. You have a smile that could make the saddest person have a small moment of joy. The energy you have inside you attracts people. Your patience draws even the angriest people to a sense of peace. You have children. They are loved more than life itself. You take pride in the way you raised them.
The oldest will be overprotective of you. No one is good enough for you in their eyes because you are perfect, and they know that. You are what they hope to be, and you are what they will hold as the standard when searching for their soulmate. You love your job, and you’re good at it. Your peers want to be you, and the boss adores you. At home, you keep yourself busy. There is always something to be done. Mouths to feed, homework to be finished, baths to be taken, problems to be solved, and loving kisses to be given. At night you sit and relax. You think about your day and write down notes for the days to come. That feeling of loneliness creeps in because we have not yet met.
I am not there to give you the compliments you need and loving arms to embrace you. Your heart misses the touch of a man. His fingers gliding across your forehead, moving your hair behind your ear, followed by the softest kiss. The bed is big and lonely, the comforter warm and calming. As you slowly drift asleep, your body yearns for a companion to hold you. Please be patient, my love. I will soon find you. We will be the puzzle piece missing in both our lives. Our children will be joined together, and a bond will be set in place. I promise that you will never feel lonely again. I will send you flowers and love letters at random that will make you feel loved more than any woman could ever imagine. After long days, I will hold you in my arms as if you were there all day. Your body will crave my touch and will long for the soft generosity of my lips. Every time I touch you, it will feel as if I am touching you for the first time. Your skin will tingle, and your heart will race. I will caress your arm as you lay peacefully in mine. Before you drift off to sleep, you will feel a gentle soft kiss on your head. This will remind you, you are loved and that it is safe to go to sleep. I cannot wait till the day we meet, my love. It is a day I have longed for, for way too long. This is a letter to my future wife.




  1. These poems are absolutely beautiful! You are very talented. God has anointed you with a powerful gift!


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